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We are a brand management agency that refuses to follow the crowd. We are in the business to help people and establish relationships, rather than to merely sell services. We are personal. We are natural. We are true. And so are the brands we create.

Ever since our inception, in 2015, we have been striving to think out of the box for clients who seek our help. Sure, we develop strategies, create brand and launch campaigns, but what we are really focused on is your energy and the energy of your brand. Because at the end of the day it is your spirit that inspires people.

Years of experience and solid education has taught us that no two brands are the same, and it is this uniqueness and organic potential we try to unearth in you. All in all you are the star, we’re here only to help you shine.

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If only we could get a penny every time we’re asked where we take all that energy from. Also, if only we knew how to answer that question! We believe it must be a combination of passion, commitment and urge to excel. We love what we do, and this is the simplest and at the same time the most profound recipe we’ve ever tried. And you know what? It works!


We believe that experience it’s not so much about a number of years spent in the industry as it is about what you decide to do with the knowledge gained over that time. We’ve been in the industry for 11 years, but would we have got where we are, if it weren’t for our flexibility, talent and a bit of reflection? Whatever the answer, we refuse to stagnate.


Ever since we remember, we’ve been dead afraid of being average. Following the mainstream and doing business just like everyone else is awfully boring. Instead, we chose to be ourselves, because this is surely the only way to get it right. We let our personality permeate everything we do, for there is nothing more magical than a business that has a soul.


Zawisza, Brand Strategist

Simply put, Zawisza is the mastermind behind the strategy and development planning for Brand Live and its clients. He’s in charge of setting long-term goals, analysing economic trends and advertising methods, and managing the marketing budget. He is the one who decides which sea (or ocean, for that matter!) we sail our ship to. And, boy, he has never got it wrong! Zawisza believes in strengthening brand’s social voice through experience and emotions… Heavens bless him for that! Privately, he is a Pink Floyd enthusiast with a strong interest in tourism, Ukrainian political transformation, and Slavic mythology (no, we’re not making it up!).


Ania, Brand Captain & CEO

With her determination, passion and hard work, Ania is a thoughtful leader of the team, the captain of the ship if, you will… She is the one who built the Brand Live ship with her own hands (and you would think girls couldn’t do that!). Ania is the embodiment of all we are trying to communicate – authenticity, vision, and trust – and she spends 24/7 (if only days were longer!) to infect the team with the same values by leading by example. She oversees each and every project, facilitates the workings of the team, and acts as a lighthouse that provides motivation should a dense fog come over the waters we travel through (we will never be lost!). In her free time, Ania likes mountain walking and climbing, and kayaking. And if it rains, you’ll probably find her reading a book or playing piano.


Anna, Brand Supervisor

Ania is one big ball of energy with strong communication skills, great analytical mind, and a head full of fresh ideas. With vast experience in project coordination, Ania is our dedicated contact person for clients, and – quite frankly – she can find a solution to any problem (impossible really is nothing!). Ania is in charge of coordinating campaigns, all the way from hunting talents to establishing procedures that optimise time and quality. In her free time, she practices yoga, cycles, and cooks (not all at the same time!). She is fascinated with similarities and differences between cultures as well as people, and finds working with others inspiring and uplifting. A true Brand Live spirit.


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