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At Brand Live we are all about customer service in the broadest sense of the term. As you go through the range of our services you will see that each and every one is designed around unlocking your brand’s potential and moving it forward, creating real changes and real results, and – to put it the simplest way possible – around people and relationships.

Experiential Marketing Events

They say experiential marketing is about going out and interacting with clients. We say it is about inspiring customers and creating close bonds between them and your brand by stirring positive emotions. It is a missing piece to brand success. Our philosophy is simple: A lasting impression goes a long way. From sampling campaigns and product demonstrations to festival activations and exhibition stands, we’re beside you to help with every step you take in order to make your audience fall in love with you. 1… 2 … 3… great UX loading.

  • Product Sampling

    We believe product sampling is all about putting the product in people’s hands in a way they can fall in love with it, remember it, and tell others about it! Tough goal to accomplish in the digital age! This is why – whether it’s about introducing new items or increasing consumption of well-established services – we love to rely on trial experience to win clients’ faith, set you apart from others, and let you lead by… sample.

  • Exhibition Stands

    Let’s face the truth – exhibition stand is an exhibition stand! Yes, a sleek banner will make you noticed, but it is the people you choose to represent the brand that make all the difference. Call us crazy, but we believe in the emotional interaction between a client and a consultant. We saw it happen! This is why – besides the best promotional materials – we invest in people who learn your business inside out and who can naturally engage visitors… without a sales pitch!

  • Promotional Staff

    When promoting your business at events you have a few seconds to attract visitors. If your brand ambassadors don’t emanate natural energy and joy, they may as well be invisible. It is for that reason that we handpick our promotional staff not only for their qualification, but also for their bubbly personality and inborn communication skills. We then make sure they know your services inside out to give the visitors a lasting impression, encourage trust for your brand, and make – not break! – the show.

  • Sponsorships

    Evoking positive emotions, arousing passion, and creating memorable experience! For us sponsorship has very little to do with money, and very much to do with providing people with lots of wins and lots of reasons to fall in love with your brand. So how about a flexible sponsorship package that fits your needs and creates the very brand experience that you require? We include mutual value and trust by default, the add-ons are your call!

  • In-Store Demonstations

    We love traditions, we really do, but we say a big ‘no’ to handing out leaflets, brochures and pamphlets! Instead, we appeal to the most powerful source of knowledge your clients have – their senses! We let your clients determine how they feel about your product through the use of different stimuli. This is our secret weapon. This is how we make pleasurable experience, create stronger memories of your brand, and interact with the audience the way no one else does.

  • Ethnic Marketing

    Reaching the audience of a specific ethnicity, which is outside the general market, may be just as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s not only about using the right language – it’s about understanding cultural differences, maintaining respect, and connecting people to their homeland! This is why our services are based on genuine, long-term commitment to the Polish community we advertise to. Getting your message through has never been this easy!

  • Product & Business Launch

    Product or business launch is not only an event to showcase your brand and we refuse to treat it as such. Instead, we believe that power is in the detail and that there is a trigger to your potential in ever little element, from the venue through display banners to canapés you are serving that day. We call it the brand spirit – communicating its language, values, and style – and we are on a mission to show yours.

Employer Branding

A company without a culture is like a fairy without her fairy dust – it may look attractive, but it conveys no unique set of values and it’s never effective. And in today’s world clients wish to engage with brands that are one-of-a-kind, innovative, and consistent. You can’t blame them for that! At Brand Live, we get inside your company’s head to identify what works and what doesn’t, to unleash your potential and give your clients a compelling reason why they should engage with you above others. To sprinkle a bit of fairy dust if, you will.

  • Employee Engagment

    Great teams can do great things! The problem is great teams are hard to build because it takes time to know the ingredients before you can create the best recipe. We may not be great cooks, but we know the potential that lives within inspired employees who are allowed to create impact and act as one strong team. This is why our engagement events are designed to bond your employees, cultivate the family-like culture, and inspire your team to bring their A-game.

  • Corporate Events

    Will you agree with us that your employees deserve to be treated beautifully? All in all, they invest their talent, time and effort to help you grow you business. There are plenty of ways you can thank them, and we know… [silently counting 1, 2, 3…] pretty much all of them! From a reward programmes through corporate events to incentive trips, we can help you motivate your employees and recharge their batteries. For if they aren’t well recharged, they won’t glow!

  • Recruitment Strategy

    Nothing hinders your hiring efforts and limits your goal achievement like a bad recruitment strategy. And in a long run it could break the success of your business. But knowing how to quickly and accurately access the best talents is not easy, and we get that big time. This is why we’re here to help you establish and achieve your recruitment goals. We’re here to help you understand your business demands, but – most importantly – help you find the right people who understands them the way you do!

  • Trainings & Workshops

    Building value into your brand is a long process, which takes the right character and right people. No one we know has ever built a thriving company by focusing merely on the product and its features. Instead, the key to success is extraordinary customer service. We know it, you know it, but do your employees know it? Or could we help by teaching your staff the knowledge and skill to increase customer satisfaction, breath life into your brand if you will?

Digital & Social Marketing

We understand that using digital technology to achieve marketing goals may be daunting. Especially so, because the trends are ever-changing, with the industry embracing new techniques every single month. And you are supposed to keep up with that? No! We are supposed to do that for you. From Social Media campaigns though user-friendly websites to effective search engine optimisation, we take our pride in helping brands reinforce their position and find their voice in the online world. Your success is our cherry on top, and guess what. We are sweet teeth!

  • Social Media Marketing

    The inexorable expansion of Social Media might have made you believe that you have to be present on social channels. The truth is you don’t! But how else do you expect to be visible in today’s modern society, communicate with your audience, and build a personality behind your brand? We believe social media is not so much about broadcasting as it is about relationship, and we will be happy to help you water that flowerpot. From establishing a strategy through publishing posts to calculating your ROI – we have enough fresh water!

  • Web Design

    Web design isn’t just about web design – it has been a while since it moved beyond aesthetics! Don’t get us wrong – a fashionable template will get you visitors, but will it make them stay on your website, inspire them to get to know you, and click that call to action button? This is why, at Brand Live, instead of designing just for the eyes, we design for user experience, creating websites that are easy to interact with and compelling to read… websites your users deserve.

  • SEO Optimalisation

    We like to think of SEO as a marathon – a slow yet steady process of change for the better. And just as it is with running, being consistent with a series of steps and strategies and responding to current conditions is everything. Having learnt how to understand – and love! – SEO, we’re coming to help you harness the power of search engines by optimising your website links not only for bots, but also for visitors. It’s time you used your keywords like you “own” them!

  • Newsletters

    If a company newsletter sounds like a relic to you, but you are still putting it out because it is “the thing to do” – you’re doing it wrong! Instead of thinking of a newsletter as a way of selling products, think of it as a way of engaging your users with contextual calls to action and expanding the outreach and impact of your brand. As such it may very well become the belle of the ball – you just need to know how to lead the dance, and we will be happy to help!

  • e-Commerce

    If you are an eCommerce player who doesn’t focus on personalising shopping experience then – we’re sorry to break it to you – but you are already behind! With your competition a click away, attracting, engaging, and retaining customers should be a part of your Bible (it’s certainly a part of ours!). So, how about starting with improving your online shop appearance and navigation to spark your visitors’ interest? We could then move further, and further, and further… and take your eCommerce business to a new level!

  • Mobile Apps

    We can hear you sighing, and you are probably thinking: “Do I really need a mobile app for my company?” No, of course you don’t! Mobile app is not about your company, it’s about your audience and about providing them with superior UX experience. We believe a well-designed app can bring you closer to your local customer, help you connect with them on a personal level, and let you send the right message to the right person at the right time. Your customers are mobile… Are you?

Event Design

Have you ever wondered how customers perceive your brand? Now, have you ever wondered how you want them to perceive your brand? Don’t panic, but you are the way you are seen. At Brand Live, instead of fighting that, we use it to your advantage. We rely on a considered approach to design elements and understanding how they fit together. We don’t just advertise. We take your attendees on an engaging journey from “I don’t know that brand” to “I need your product, and I need it now”. Sorry, we can’t help it.

  • Print & Design

    Raise your hand if you, too, think that print design is more than just ink on the paper. It’s your story, your brand values and the relationship you establish with your customers. We believe good print can shape what your audience thinks of you, and we are here to make it happen! From idea through strategy to final execution, we get involved in your project in order to improve the end result… and make your design and print come to life.

  • Visual Identity

    Have you ever wondered what your visual identity says about you? Are you bold and confident or simple and direct? Is it consistent with your brand strategy? Creating visual identity is a tricky business, even more so when you want to keep balance between creativity, professionalism, and company culture. This is why we first listen, absorb and digest your story in order to craft a powerful brand identity that drives your business forward in your very own way.

  • Photography & Videography

    We’re pretty sure someone once said that it’s not what you see but how you see it that makes the difference. This is why our services are not only about what’s in a photo or a video, but also about who’s looking at them! We want you to travel in place and time when you look at what we’ve created for you… You often will. But don’t ask us how we do it. We guess it has to do with natural talent, passion, and hard work.

  • Copywriting & Translation

    The power of words has always fascinated us! The right words strung together can motivate, entertain, soothe, and inspire. They can bring you closer to the reader, answer your customers’ questions, and evoke emotions that influence their decision. We call it the language of success and we make sure this is the language our copywriters and translators speak fluently! And to be honest, we don’t know a better way to create relevant content that attracts more readers.

  • Event Production

    Very few know (or want to admit!) that successful event production is not just what you see. The good news is we know how to go about it! To begin with, we engage all the senses in order to build anticipation, tap into your audience’s emotions, and provide the best possible context for your event. From light system through equipment to stretch tents, we make sure that every element fits into the puzzle of creating multisensory experience for your customers.

  • PR & Publicity

    Wouldn’t the world be a better place if businesses communicated, instead of just talking? We believe that in today’s world of clutter communication is everything, and we are here to help you boost your PR strategy and cut through the noise. Let’s start with evaluating your up-to-date activity, planning your content, and focusing on your media presence… It’s a step-by-step game that gets built on hard work, trust and integrity. So, do you have time to become a thought leader?

  • Advertising

    To us advertising is talking about aspirations, naming desires and describing values in a way the audience can easily relate to. It’s not about what your product does, but how it helps the customer. It’s about the WHY. Well, at least this is the way we do it! Whether you wish to advertise your brand on the radio, in the newspaper, or on the media, we can help you tell your story in a way that resonates…

  • Marketing Research

    Building a marketing plan without marketing research sounds to us like a great recipe for a disaster. Instead of guessing what would and wouldn’t work, we prefer to generate and interpret the relevant information. The goal is to transform the data into insight and insight into capability, action, and sales. To do that we analyse the past, present, and potential, examine the good and the critical, and listen to what isn’t being said out loud… Want to give it a try?

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